About the Meadow Clinical Research Study

The Meadow Clinical Research Study is testing different doses of an investigational study drug.

We want to know if a dose of the study drug added to drugs you may already be taking might work better for treating your lupus. The study will test adding the study drug compared to adding a placebo (sugar pill) to the drugs you already take. A placebo looks like the study drug, but it does not contain any active ingredients.

We will also be testing the safety of the study drug.

What is Involved?

If you join the Meadow Clinical Research Study, you will be in the study for about 60 weeks. You can expect to visit the study site about 18 times.

We will ask you to take the study drug tablets once a day, by mouth with water. This is in addition to your regular medical care. Everyone who joins the study will receive some treatment for their lupus while they are in the study.

You will receive study-related care from a study doctor with experience in treating patients with lupus, and your lupus will be checked regularly. During study visits, you can expect health checks, such as medical questionnaires, joint checks, blood and urine samples, and tests on your heart (ECGs).

What Medicine will be Tested?

The study drug is an investigational medicine because it has not yet been approved to treat people with lupus. It will not be approved for use until clinical research studies, such as the Meadow Clinical Research Study, show that it is safe (causes no harm) and effective (works).